Covid-19 policy


Hi Humans,

We wanted to give everyone an update on Stay Gold Academy's policy as it relates to the current Covid-19 pandemic. We were able to open on Monday, May 4th.  Your dogs have been so happy to see each other and all of their human friends.  We wanted to send out an update about some of our changes we have made to help ensure everyone's safety.
  Our class is at full capacity of 4 full-time students., and 1 part-time. We will not be accepting any more students until further notice.  Since we are family owned and operated, very few humans are in contact with your pup and we are practicing safer at home guidelines.  
  Our team members use their own leash and will pick up directly at the door whenever possible.  They are instructed to use their provided hand sanitizer before and after each pick-up.  
  They maintain 6 feet of space between any passerby on the sidewalk. We don't let people pet your dog as we don't pet other dogs. 
 We will not be attending any dog parks. 
 Our team self monitors our temperature daily and does not report to work with any symptoms of being ill.  
 The "Academy" is disinfected daily and toys are disinfected weekly as usual. 
 In the event that the household shows any symptoms of Covid-19, the Academy will suspend service and walks will be given until we are given the all clear. 
 Now we miss our cuddles with them all so much, but for now,  we think it's best to keep contact to a minimum.  Recess is their favorite anyway. 
 Please be sure to fill your dogs water bowl before leaving for the day.  We are no longer entering homes as long as we are in the midst of this pandemic.
 Please be sure to leave any special instructions for the day on our app or text them to 262-758-7858.

I want to assure you that all of us here at Stay Gold Academy take safety very seriously and we follow all of the CDC guidelines.  It is recommended by the CDC to keep all of your animals quarantined if someone in your household becomes ill.  We ask to ensure our safety that if any human in your dogs household becomes ill, you let us know immediately so that we can suspend contact until it is safe to resume our services.  

Stay healthy and safe out there,

Stay Gold Academy Team 

1026 N School ST
Silver Lake, WI 53170